Portion of Goshen Main St. closed for road repair and other changes

(Photo supplied/The Elkhart Truth)

A good portion of Goshen’s Main St. corridor is shut down, and when it opens back up things will look a bit different. Last year the city repaved sidewalks and updated ramps around downtown to be ADA compliant. They had hoped to start the Main St. re-pavement project then, but weather got in the way.

Now, they are stripping down the pavement to the original concrete and building up a new road that should last for some time. Public Works Director Dustin Sailor tells WSBT that once the repaving is done what was previously parallel parking will turn to angled parking. They’ve also lowered the speed limit to make it more pedestrian friendly.

The improved road should get about a decade of use before it needs to be updated again. Read more here with WSBT


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