Mayor Wood: No intention of tearing down Christopher Columbus statue

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A peaceful protest took place in Mishawaka’s Central Park.

On Friday, June 26, protesters called on the local government to remove the Christopher Columbus statue that stands at the entrance of the park.

One of the protest organizers say Columbus is a ‘symbol of anguish to indigenous people.’ Others have argued the statue gives Italian-Americans pride in that they aren’t celebrating Columbus’ wrongdoings, but it is a symbol of how Italian-Americans have contributed to the country since the beginning.

Mayor Dave Wood says they have no intentions of tearing the statue down.


  1. These ‘people’ don’t care about Columbus, Washington, Jefferson, or Lincoln. They want to destroy all history and replace it with a global tyranny. It is about power and money not our history. Thank you for not removing this monument.

    Long past time to push back on these terrorists.

  2. If it’s Italian-Americans he fears not to offend, how about replacing it with an Italian-American who actually discovered America! Let’s start with America Vespucci!

  3. These protestors are racist. They hate Italian Americans, Catholics, and Western Culture. They just want to destroy our heritage and culture and replace it with nothing. Today it’s statues, tomorrow they will want to destroy people. They will come after you next.

  4. Finally a mayor that stands for a historical figure. Most people that hate Columbus think he intentionally infected Caribbean island people with diseases when no one understood germ or how to avoid them. Columbus was trying to find a way to the far east by sailing west. Modern morals, real or imaginary, cannot be put on long dead people. They did what they did so learn form it and move on.


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