Another fireworks store robbed ahead of holiday weekend

("IMG_8659" by Thomas Xu, CC BY-SA 2.0)

The robbery happened at Freebies Fireworks in Goshen’s Peddlers Village either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning last week. While it’s unknown if the two are connected the owners say it’s similar to a robbery that happened at a store in Elkhart several weeks ago. That store claimed a $10,000 loss.

About 200 items were stolen and the lost money will come directly out of the owner’s pockets. They tell The Goshen News they believe the robbery was planned ahead of time as robber’s apparently targeted the higher dollar products, but didn’t touch any of the less expensive fireworks.

Anyone with information should call police.


  1. Bruh it probably was the police. There have been spottings of fireworks going off randomly in the night on top of police stations. What are they up to?


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