Elkhart County to issue mandatory public face mask order

(Photo Supplied/Indiana State Prison)

UPDATE: The official announcement for the face mask order was made during the commissioners meeting this morning. It will go into effect Tuesday and will require all adults to wear a mask when social distancing isn’t possible.

Original Story:

If you live in Elkhart County, no more skipping the masks as you head out for the day.

The Goshen News is reporting that the county health department will be issuing a mandatory face mask order. State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box met with county commissioners on Monday, June 29, and recommended the order.

The order says you must wear a mask when you can’t social distance, and all employees or visitors to Elkhart businesses must wear one too.

Elkhart’s coronavirus cases have doubled in recent weeks, reporting 48 new cases Sunday.

The rest of Indiana moves into stage 5 of the reopening plan on July 6th, but State Health Commissioner Dr. Kris Box told Elkhart commissioners, she doesn’t recommend they do the same.

We will have more details with this story as they become available.


  1. Most county residents will not comply. There has been way too much flip-flopping on masks wearing and other measures that are supposed to stop a virus. First it was wearing a mask could be more dangerous than not wearing a mask. Now it is wear a mask!!How will you stop all those people coming from democratistan Michigan for a little liberty in Indiana.

    This order will just cause more chaos.

    No one said where the limit of this order is. When is the end date or is it up to “health officials” to determine when their tyranny ends?

    • I agree it will be hard to get people to comply. The stores and other establishments need to step up and not allow entry to those without one. Also I believe this should’ve been in place when things started heating up. Everyone knows Elkhart and surrounding area is where everyone works nearby. So the likelyhood of a surge in cases was high from the start.

    • Not dangerous. Tell that to Dr. Fauci and the Surgeon General. A few months ago they were all over TV telling us that wearing masks was not necessary. They even said wearing masks could be more dangerous than not wearing them. How soon we forget. There has been too much flip-flopping on this issue. Are all these new cases because more testing is being done? Are the new cases also hospitalizations? We are being hoodwinked by our elected officials by only being told half the story. Why is that MNC? Only Casey Hendrickson has the real story on this channel. Now many hospital beds are there in Elkhart County? How many are filled with cornyvirus patients. How many empty ICU beds are there? How many unused ventilators are there in Elkhart County? Can the County Commissioners or the health officer answer these questions?? Seems like the media would be asking these question bu they have lost all their curiosity. Throughout this whole miserable exercise in tyranny these answer are never answered as our liberty is taken from us. Will the County Commissioners stop the never ending stream of people from Michigan coming to Elkhart County to trade because they live in tyranny? With regard to their attempts at tyranny: Due to the election results, one down and two to go. Woke-a-dope.

  2. Does this include babies cause babies and kindergarteners wont wear them even autistic and children that have adhd and mental disabilities will wrip them off the face its bullshit it’s just like the damned flu bug

  3. this is far overdue and shame on the county for not doing this sooner. they have been urging us for MONTHS to wear masks and no one around here can be bothered to muster the person responsibility to do so on their own accord. There is such a pervasive culture in this area of “if its not happening to me its not my problem” that there are people actually FIGHTING to have to take any responsibility. its not just embarrassing for the county, its embarrassing to be IN this county full of lead headed morons that cant see the danger right in front of their faces. People here will complain that “tha gubment aint muh boss” and say stupid things about “the nanny state” but the simple truth is most residents of this county are too stupid to protect themselves or others from the virus and have now been forced to do something smart, and they are SO committed to being lead headed morons that they will fight against having to do something smart. its shameful. we are now the third highest county for infection and racing for the number 2 spot. there is only 1 way something like that could happen given the county population; pure, unadulterated, ignorant defiant hubris of person responsibility. this county deserves all the grief it has created for itself.

    • Just love all your name calling and what was that supposed to be, hillbilly talk? Take your high and mighty opinions and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine !!

    • You know these masks do nothing, right?
      The only thing they accomplish is your conformity.
      They won’t get mine.

    • Virtue shaming free American Citizens is a dastardly deed more worthy of the Taliban than an American. It is nothing bu t a poor attempt at manipulation. If you are personally scared stay home. I do agree with one point. The horse long ago left the barn so it seems a lot too late to no call for mask tyranny. People will ignore this because “responsibility” is being forced upon them. American are not Europeans who blindly obey. We have had recent flu epidemics that didn’t see such tyranny from government or shaming from holier a than thou Karen.

    • Lead headed morons. Soooo mature. Have to result to name calling obviously your argument is lost. If you hate this county so bad, Please leave. Cook county Illinois would welcome you!!!

  4. This ruling is not gonna fly. To many people pissed about the whole democratic tyrants agenda behind it. They are using the Covid-19 deal to push their agenda.

  5. Not wearing one saw a video from a guy with an osha air checker as soon as he put a mask on the meter started making all kinds of noise and oxygen levels were in the red very bad numbers so if I have to wear a mask I won’t b buying from that store or fine me and I’ll fight it in court . This guy not wearing a mask it bad and could b deadly

  6. The left and local governments are making it about control. They have the general populous scared and compliant. Individuals should not relinquish their rights, freedoms, and personal decisions regarding health/safety.

  7. Not only unconstitutional but also unenforceable because it’s unconstitutional.

    There have been many cases in counties all over America where the Judge made that exact ruling.

  8. Just wear the darn mask & perhaps it will
    Pass faster & we will be able to get back to normal in 2021.
    I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to wear a mask. It’s for your protection!

    • Since there is no cure and a vaccine is very unlikely because no vaccine has ever been developed for a virus of this kind the only way to get rid of it is to obtain herd immunity. Cant do that with mask and stay at home orders now can we. Most research says that person to person contact needs to be close contact over a much longer time that most people are exposed to in their daily lives. The politicians and administrative state like the control. We need to resist that control. none of the articles about the Elkhart County Mask order say what the consequences are if it is ignored. why keep us in the dark? We are citizens hand have a right to know what ordinance was passed on us.

  9. Even if you prove to me that the masks work, why should I? I have an immune system for a reason Prove to me covid19 isn’t some bs political agenda. People dont trust the system anymore.
    Over 600,000 people die of cancer a year, and 647,000 of heart disease. Why dont we talk about that??? I’m telling you, people resent it, including me.

  10. This will only hurt the economy in Elkhart county. When I want to go in a store and they require a facemask I get back on my car and shop some where else. I haven’t shopped in St. Joe county since they required masks and now I guess I will not be shopping in Elkhart county either. It’s worth the drive to another county to me.

  11. This is uncalled for!! Only thing those masks do is hurt the health of the individual wearing it! Does not prevent the Disease from spreading!


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