U.S. COVID cases top 3 million

(Johns Hopkins)

The number of cases of coronavirus in the US broke the 3,000,000 mark today, according to numbers kept by Johns Hopkins University.

This comes after weeks of surging numbers, with health officials saying the actual number of infected may be 10x higher. That would represent roughly 10% of the population.

Heath officials say the outbreak is worsening, judging by the recent increase in the percentage of tests that are positive.

The latest numbers in Indiana show 455 new positive cases, 105 of them in St. Joseph or Elkhart County.

The Hoosier State is reporting the highest 7-day increase in positive cases since the end of May. More than 49,000 people in Indiana have tested positive, with more than 2500 deaths. The state’s hospitalization rate and ICU capacity remain at strong levels, according to state officials.

Health officials in Michigan reported the state’s largest single-day jump in COVID-19 cases in seven weeks on Wednesday. 610 new cases were reported, the biggest increase since May 20th. State officials say this signals a continued upward trend in Michigan. For the second consecutive day, they also reported 10 new deaths in the state from the virus.

Illinois also reported their biggest single day increase in a month on Wednesday with 980 new cases.


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