Elkhart Police Officer injured in suspected drug arrest

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A police officer in Elkhart has had his jaw wired shut after he was punched and injured during a marijuana investigation.

It happened on July 15 shortly before 9 p.m.

The suspect in the case, 26 year-old D’Micah Jones, faces charges of battery and possession of a synthetic substance.

The Goshen News reports the officer was patrolling in the 500 block of South Fifth Street when he allegedly saw the suspect rolling something to smoke. Jones allegedly refused to stop rolling it when ordered and punched the officer repeatedly while resisting arrest.

The officer underwent surgery for facial injuries. The suspect awaits a day in court.


  1. Gee, I wonder if Elkhart’s new mayor has ordered the police not to fight back and now we have an injured officer because of BLM policies.

    Great job, Elkhart.

  2. This person smoking illegal crap and punching a police office just means he is excersizing his BLM\Antifa directive. (BLM and Antifa are the same thing…Black anti-american terrorist groups)
    BLM = Burglary, Looting, Murder.
    Antifa = Anti Free America
    We need an island to ship these thugs to so they can live out there days just killing each other as they do most of the time anyway. Best part of this story is some whacko leftist judge will let him out and he will sue the cop for something racist that he will make up…and win!


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