Family of seriously injured Notre Dame student files suit against university; claims negligence

By Know1one1 [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

It was January 2019 when 18-year-old Sean Tennant of Gurnee fell about 30 feet from a second-floor stairwell to a concrete basement floor inside the Sorin Hall.

The Chicago Tribune reports Tennant suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him with a catastrophic decline in neuro-cognitive and functional abilities. The lawsuit also alleges the student’s injuries were avoidable and accuses Notre Dame of negligence.

The family’s attorney accuses the school of creating a dangerous environment by placing students of legal age with minors and having inadequate policies and procedures in place when it comes to partying and alcohol.

You can read more of Tennant’s story here with the Chicago Tribune


  1. So their precious little tyke was drinking underage and fell, and somehow it’s the university’s fault? What was he doing climbing over the handrail in the stairway, and how is THAT the university’s fault?

    Seems like the person at fault is the same person who fell.

  2. Last I knew ND was a “dry” campus and there are rules and policies regarding alcohol. 1st rule is if you not 21 it is illegal to drink alcohol. I guess ND needs to assign a campus cop to follow every underage person to be certain they wont drink and do something really stupid or even deadly.

    The family has to blame someone I guess. It just cant be the students fault for be irresponsible.
    People are so screwed up…


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