Prep work on Granger solar farm may get noisy


Indiana Michigan Power, along with White Construction, will begin prep work for the solar panels at the St. Joseph Solar Farm.

Drive posts, which will hold the solar panels, will be installed beginning on Monday, Aug. 3.

People living in the area of Bittersweet and Cleveland Roads in St. Joseph County may hear an increase of construction-related activity during this time. Drive post installation is expected to be finished around the end of September, depending on weather.

The St. Joseph Solar Farm will have approximately 57,000 solar panels and will produce 20
megawatts – enough energy to power 2,700 homes annually. The facility will be the fifth and largest solar generating facility owned and operated by I&M.

The St. Joseph Solar Farm is expected to be in operation by spring of 2021. For more
information visit

Customers with questions can call our 24/7 Customer Operations Center at 1-800-311-


  1. Will produce 20 Mw…during the day and zero at night. No storage medium to cover the dark times.

    Get your candles out kids and charge your batteries during the day because the power is going off at sunset.

    Solar Power is great for satellites that stay in the sun, okay for supplemental, insane as ‘the answer’ to our power requirements.


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