St. Joseph County residents may now register for fall leaf pick-up


Fall is right around the corner, and St. Joseph County residents can now register for leaf pick-up services.

Interested residents may register for four fall passes, weather permitting, and one spring pass. Rates will depend on tree density and leaf volume.

Residential Service rates are as follows:

Avg. Tree Density/Leaf Volume Early Bird Pre-Season Active Season Snow/Spring
1st 1500 Subscribers 2nd 1500 Subscribers Prior to October 1st Prior to Snow Post Snow/Spring
Low $39 $39 $69 $99 Quote
Medium $59 $59 $129 $159 Quote
High $79 $129 $159 $189 Quote
Very High $99 $149 $219 $249 Quote

Those interested can register online at

Leaf collection will begin on October 19 and will be on-going through December 18, weather permitting.


  1. I will be burning my leafs. I pay $4,000 per year in property taxes and get less and less for my money. When I move it will be back to Mishawaka where I should have stayed in the first place.

  2. I responded immediately when receiving the email in the evening of August 18th to sign up for the leaf collection. I was received another email indicating a link would be provided for payment. It’s now August 24th and I have heard nothing.


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