Poll suggests support for Gov. Holcomb slipping


A new poll from IndyPolitics shows support for Governor Eric Holcomb dropping, as Dr. Woody Myers is within six points of Holcomb in the race for Indiana governor.

Holcomb had a double-digit lead a few months ago.

The poll also revealed that 57% of likely voters believe Indiana is on the wrong track under Holcomb.


  1. He has been losing his voter base for a while by refusing to listen and by choosing to follow neighboring Democratic Governors. Not to mention the fact that his chief medical advisor is a gynecologist 🙄

  2. It’s because he is continuing the mandates in the face of positive news. He keeps moving the goal “we must flatten the curve” no wait “not only must it be flat we need to be headed down”. What’s next? Nobody in the state can be positive? No credibility in any of these politicians. And the muzzles have to go!! Ever heard of Liberty?

  3. The race is between Holcomb (R) and Rainwater (L), not Holcomb (R) and Myers (D). Myers has not gained any support. The support that Holcomb lost has gone to Rainwater.

    • Not necessarily… It’s true that Rainwater is taking support from Holcomb but by doing that it is splitting the vote which can allow Myers to pull off the victory! For example, let’s say Myers had 47% of the vote and Holcomb had 53% of the vote then Rainwater came in and started pulling voters from Holcomb; so Holcomb ends up getting 44% of the vote, Rainwater he gets 9% of the vote, and Myers gets the 47% that he already had which means Myers wins thanks to Rainwater splitting the vote!

  4. “The poll also revealed that 57% of likely voters believe Indiana is on the wrong track under Holcomb.”

    Misleading. I bet a large portion of that 57% think Holcomb is not conservative enough. They are to the right of Holcomb, not on the left as Woody Myers is. Just because they disagree with Holcomb doesn’t mean they support the other guy who they agree with even less!

  5. Holcomb is increasingly revealing himself to be a RINO. His only positive attribute is support for the 2nd Amendment. I partially blame the Indiana legislature for not intervening in the plandemic with a little sanity. If the dem wins, be prepared for a full on assault on your liberty in every area of your life. Not a single dem can honestly swear to uphold the oath of office with his or her hand on a Holy book.

  6. I will not vote against a politician who I disagree with 30% of the time to get one I will disagree with 100% of the time. Get real people, do you think you can make things better by making them worse?

  7. Holcomb is not Conservative but the Dem would be even worse. So hold your nose and vote for him this time but we need a better Republican option in 4 years. Here’s an idea – how about Curtis Hill. Holcomb threw him under the bus with no proof of wrongdoing because he and the Republican establishment fear a black Conservative who could rain on their parade.

    • Four more years of Holecvm is four more years of face panties and murdering of businesses. You NEVER reward a politician for screwing you over. The message they take is that you like it.


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