Good news on COVID-19 front in Elkhart County

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Health Department)

There is some good news on the local COVID-19 front: Hospitalizations in Elkhart County, due to the virus, have been dramatically reduced over the past four months.

The progress is a result of our frontline healthcare workers, local task forces and the citizens of this region working together,” according to the Elkhart County Health Department Board of Directors Chairman.

Their key metrics that show the coordination required to protect the public is working, though they say there is still have a lot of work to do.

Case in point, a meeting on Thursday night, Sep. 24, to present the metrics was called after dozens of people without masks described as “anti-maskers” crowded into the meeting room, resulting in concern about the ability to conduct the meeting in a safe environment.


  1. You should really get both sides… this is very misleading. Social distancing was observed and no one was in danger. These officials are afraid they might actually have to answer some questions and be held accountable. I thought 95.3 cared more about actual journalism than pandering. Sad😞


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