18 year-old South Bend man charged with two shootings

(SJC Prosecutor)

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor has formally charged an 18 year-old in connection with two shootings.

18 year-old Jalen Bonner faces two counts of Attempted Murder, Battery with a Deadly Weapon, gang enhancements, weapon and drug charges, and more.

He was arrested on September 18 near Washington High School on a warrant and without incident. A stolen handgun and marijuana were found on him when he was taken into custody.

Bonner is believed to be connected with a shooting on July 12 on S. High Street, and another on July 26 on W. Washington Street.


  1. It is racist to keep showing shooters as black males. So what if they are black males! Start showing only white shooters to keep up with the narrative that is be perpetuated throughout the fake news media.If you cant find any just make some up!

  2. The epidemic of B on B crime is the real systemic racism indoctrinated by Democratic liberalism via the welfare state, social reverse engineering and education degradation, leading to the destruction of the black family, human dignity and the value of life. These young people have no hope, no purpose and are lost souls.
    Obviously, they are not taught that black lives matter unless confronted by police during criminal activity.
    Wake up all you mind numb liberals!


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