Reaction, both for and against, regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett may have a tough time in the confirmation process to become a U.S. Supreme Court associate justice. Her nomination is being opposed not only by Senate Democrats, but by organizations by Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky.

“Hoosiers know first hand what happens when anti-abortion politicians work overtime to restrict our constitutional rights. We’ve lived under a Pence regime and fought in a court of appeals that includes Barrett. Currently, 70 percent of women in Indiana live in a county without an abortion provider,” said Indiana’s Planned Parenthood Director LaKimba DeSadier.

“Indiana has passed more abortion restrictions than any other state in the nation aside from Louisiana, with Hoosier lawmakers passing 63 abortion restrictions into law between 1973 and 2019. The state where Barrett lives has rendered Roe meaningless already for thousands of people,” she said.

She urged the Senate to reject the nomination.

Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.), believes that many rights are being threatened by Barrett’s possible confirmation.

“There is an average of at least 65 days that elapse between a vacancy opening up on the U.S. Supreme Court and an announcement of a nominee to fill that vacancy. It has only been 8 days since Justice Ginsburg died, and sadly, she has not even been laid to rest. And yet, we’re suffering today through this indecent rush to pack ideologues onto the highest court in the land,” he said.

“There is so much at stake right now on the rights that matter to every American. The Supreme Court is already scheduled to hear arguments the week after the election on the Trump Administration’s reckless push to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Reproductive health and reproductive rights are also at stake. The president has promised that his nominee will overturn Roe v. Wade, and we must take him at his word. Our health care is on the line, and too many lives hang in the balance.”

Carson said he is also concerned about voting rights, workers rights, disability rights, immigrant rights and LGBTQ equality.

Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun, both Republicans, were nearly jubilant about the nomination. But, Young said he knows her confirmation will likely be difficult.

“Judge Barrett’s previous confirmation to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals turned into a shameful attack on her faith, not an evaluation of her legal credentials. But anyone who fairly evaluates her superb qualifications and temperament will agree that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the right person for the job,” he said.

Both Young and Braun urge the Senate to act to confirm Barrett without delay.

The following statements of support were issued after Coney Barrett’s nomination on Saturday:

Senator Todd Young: “I am thrilled with @POTUS’s nomination of fellow Hoosier, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to serve on the Supreme Court. I’ve come to know her as an incredibly sharp legal mind, a woman of great integrity, and a dedicated mother of seven.”

Senator Mike Braun: “Amy Coney Barrett’s sterling record as a Constitutional originalist proves she’ll be a phenomenal Supreme Court Justice. I believe her reputation as an educator & model for decency will make Americans proud to have her on the court for years to come.”

Governor Eric Holcomb: “Judge Barrett’s compelling combination of experience and intellect would serve our country well on the Supreme Court bench, adding another healthy dose of Hoosier hospitality to our nation’s capital.”

Representative Jackie Walorski: “I can think of no one better qualified to serve on the Supreme Court than my fellow Hoosier, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Her record as a Notre Dame law professor and as an appellate judge demonstrates her first-rate legal mind and her unwavering commitment to constitutional principles. Given her impeccable credentials, the Senate should confirm her nomination without delay.

“I applaud President Trump for again fulfilling his promise to appoint judges who will faithfully uphold the rule of law, defend the Constitution, and protect the life and liberty of every American.”

Representative Jim Banks: “Naming Amy Coney Barrett to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg represents the culmination of President Trump’s four-year record of delivering on the promises he made to conservatives during the 2016 campaign. She will be a staunch defender of the Constitution and apply the law as it is written.

“Barrett is well-qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, with sterling personal credentials and an impressive professional record. Even in these polarized times, the Senate confirmed her to the Seventh Court of Appeals in 2017 with bipartisan support. I look forward to the Senate confirming her once again and, when that happens, will be proud of Indiana being so well represented on our nation’s highest court.” 

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I have read the constitution and I could not find where it states murdering unborn children is a "right" September 29, 2020 at 7:10 am

I have read the constitution and I could not find where it states murdering unborn children is a “right”. I also read the presidents responsibility to appoint justices and no where did it read that he she let the next guy do it. People are ridiculous!


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