Valpo animal shelter takes in dogs found starved, fighting for food

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A group of dogs where starved for people’s entertainment and had to fight over food scraps.

A shelter in Valparaiso rescued the dogs and they’re now on their way to recovery and new lives.

Hank, a four-year-old pit bull, arrived at the shelter Sept. 17, his face and body were badly beaten, and one of his paws was cut to the bone, said Taylor Van Sickle, with Lakeshore PAWS.

The Newton County Animal Control said Hank and his dad, King, both had severe injuries after fighting over pizza crust at a home in Newton County.

Van Sickle told the Times of Northwest Indiana the owner went days without feeding the dogs.

Lakeshore PAWS were able to get King and Hank’s mom, Sapphire, in their care as well. All dogs needed medical attention.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Department is searching for the owner.

Van Sickle says that despite all three dogs pasts they have shown to be sweet and seek comfort from people. Hank’s foster family plans to adopt him, and King and Sapphire will eventually be up for adoption.



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