Ryan O’Neil sentenced for ghost employment charge

(Photo supplied/ St. Joseph County Jail)

The South Bend Police officer who shot and killed Eric Logan will serve two years probation in a separate case.

Ryan O’Neil, who resigned from the department after the shooting, was given the sentence Tuesday afternoon after pleading guilty to ghost employment in September.

The case involved his alleged encounter with a prostitute while on duty, about a month before the Logan shooting.


  1. Well, the Democrat prosecutor had to get O’Neil on SOMETHING to placate the mob.

    “You bring me the man, I’ll find you the crime.” -Lavrentiy Beria, chief of the Soviet security under Stalin

    • Well, how many jobs do YOU know of that allow you to have sex on the job? AND being that he was a police officer, participating in human trafficking by hiring a prostitute, what makes him a good cop and how many times has he done this WHILE on the job? I wouldn’t want him a someone to “serve and protect” when he is CLEARLY serving and protecting himself while arresting people for doing the same thing.

      • You think that O’Neil is unique in this? Or was he uniquely pursued on it so they could appease the mob?

        I’m guessing it was that second option.

        • a dirty cop, is a dirty cop and doesn’t belong on ANY police force! He is corruptable and has already proven himself to be. GOOD RIDDENCE! Dirty cops are NOT NEEDED ANYWHERE!


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