Fines approved for St. Joseph County businesses who fail to abide by face mask mandate

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana)

St. Joseph County businesses that fail to abide by face mask rules will be subject to fines up to $250 if their workers or customers are not wearing masks while inside their establishments. Exceptions are only for eating and drinking.

That, as the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners voted to approved the punishment in a bipartisan 2-to-1 vote during their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

District 2 Commissioner Deb Fleming was the lone vote against.

The St. Joseph County Council approved the fines during their meeting last week.

Deputy county health director Dr. Mark Fox says though this isn’t an end all solution to stopping the spread it’s certainly a good step. Some business owners are skeptical, saying it could drive people away from their businesses.

The ordinance must be advertised to the public for two weeks before it takes effect, according to The South Bend Tribune.



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