Michigan election lawsuit names a county that doesn’t exist

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There’s a small problem with an election lawsuit filed by a former lawyer for the president in Michigan’s Edison County.

That small problem is that there is no Edison County in the state.

The lawsuit, filed by former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, cites a witness who claimed to see “something strange with the vote count in Edison County.” It says Biden received more 100% of the votes on November 4, and more than 99% of the votes the following day.

Not only is there no Edison County in Michigan, but there’s no Edison County in any state in the U.S. — and Michigan doesn’t have an Edison Township anywhere, either.

There continues to be no evidence of voter fraud in Michigan, which certified its election on November 23 for former Vice President Biden.


  1. “Former” attorney! That doesnt mean Michigan didnt screw up its part of the presidential election! Michigan will now have a brain dead president to cover for its brain dead governor. If liberals think they will be spared from the next 4 years of destruction because they voted blue this time, they are mistaken!! Make sure to hold yourself accountable for the hell thats coming! There wont be free college, police defunding, and all of the glorious promises made to you. Civil war is coming fast!!

  2. What, you mean an attorney filing lawsuits in several contested states made an error naming a podunk county in Michigan? SAY IT ISN’T SO!

    It’s a good thing she can’t refile a corrected version of that lawsuit. The media has spoken, and they absolutely want Office of the Presumed Potential President Elect Biden to run the show next year.

    Don’t worry, there is no evidence…. of legitimate votes for Biden in Michigan!


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