Tolson Center rebuild gets a $2M boost from Lily Foundation

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

The effort to expand and improve the Tolson Center has received a $2 million boost.

Lily Endowment has awarded the funds to help build improved facilities both indoors and outdoors at the center.

The award was announced Monday by the Community Foundation of Elkhart County. The Elkhart Truth reports that the project will keep the gymnasium, but rebuild a larger facility around it, including an additional gym. Outdoor facilities are planned that include a turf soccer field.

The Lilly grant boosts the funding to $10.7 million, including $5 million from the City of Elkhart, $2 million from the Community Foundation and $1.7 million from local donors.


  1. Ewww, soccer…

    How about a curling lane or paint drying rink? You know, things that are even more exciting than soccer.

    I wanted to talk about the horrid idea of using tax dollars to fund this project, but after all the talk of soccer I’m pretty sleepy so it’s naptime.


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