Sen. Todd Young confronted by Trump supporters on the steps of the Capitol

(Saige Driver/95.3 MNC)

A number of Republican Senators were swarmed by Trump protestors Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill as they arrived for the Congressional vote count certifying President Elect Biden’s victory.

A very exasperated Senator Todd Young told Trump supporters who begged him to vote against the certification that “opinions do not matter in this situation…the law matters…” and added that he “took an oath under God…does that still matter in this country?”

Several thousand Trump supporters gathered at the Capitol Wednesday to protest the certification. Many waved Trump flags, wore his t-shirts and hats.

Very few were wearing masks.


  1. The First and Second amendments will be history by Young’s next election. There will be nothing to stop me (or a lot of people) from voting against him in the general election if he cannot be primaried.

    I predict a blue wave in 2022 even without the fraud.


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