Sen. Todd Young attends inauguration with Indiana’s Guard General

(photo supplied by Sen. Young press office)

Senator Todd Young was among those in attendance at the unusual 59th Inaugural on Wednesday.

“The peaceful transfer of power is an essential component of the American experiment. Witnessing this uniquely American tradition once again reminded me of the immense responsibilities we have to protect this republic. I stand ready to work with the new administration to find common ground wherever possible, and to ensure every American has a fair shot at success,” said Senator Young.

His guest for the event was Brigadier General R. Dale Lyles, the Adjutant General of the Indiana National Guard. Young thanked the Indiana National Guard members who were mobilized to help ensure a safe event, along with General Lyles, and said the men and women of the National Guard continue to make Indiana proud.


  1. Yeah Todd, we understand that its easy to stick up for the republic when its politically advantageous for you but when its really hard and your political future is on the line, where were you? You swore an oath to us the people and we won’t forget it. From here on out you and the rest of the republican party will have to earn my vote. On a side note I’m glad that you can find common ground with the same people that call us(your constituents) deplorables and consider us all moronic bumpkins who don’t know better.

  2. Yeah, Todd is due for a primary. We will not forget his betrayal, and he reeks of the swamp. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher at this point.

    Braun is gaun also.

  3. Senator Young has military service behind him. And he did NOT join the radicals who tried to overturn our election. I think those two facts are related. I’m former military and I respect our laws and traditions. I’m a Democrat who respects Todd Young’s integrity. When the Trump hooligans attacked the Capital building, Young stepped up to protect Senators McCloskey of AK and Collins of Maine. I think Todd Young is a Mensch .


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