South Bend School board members consider closing two schools


The possibility of closing and combining some schools is on the table for discussion among school leaders in South Bend.

The district is considering closing Hay and Tarkington elementary schools. Both schools are operating well below 60% capacity.

Superintendent Todd Cummings says the operating costs of keeping those schools open no longer makes sense.

A proposal before the school board would close those schools as part of the district’s reorganization plan passed by referendum last year.

A final decision is expected at the end of February.



  1. Clearly, any decision about closing schools in the SBCSC should be made with the best interests of the students in mind.

    Since that is the case, the obvious solution would be to close all the schools in the failing SBCSC!

  2. HaHaHa! More corruption in our local swamp! Im sure massive amounts new tax dollars would fix everything. Oh, they already have massive amounts of new tax dollars and it is obviously not enough. Well then, maybe if kids took a year off of school so teachers could lounge around doing nothing it would help. Oh, already doing that. I guess if we close some more schools all the kids grades will magically get better because that is the goal isn’t it? I would have moved just to keep my kids from going to South Bend Public Schools but decided on Catholic Schools. Best choice ever. My kids are grown and gone now without ever having been in a South Bend School thankfully.


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