Bill to help pregnant moms hits speed bump at Indiana Statehouse


A bill to help pregnant workers and new moms has hit a speed bump in the House.

It’s the second straight year Governor Holcomb has asked legislators to require employers to accommodate pregnant women. Last year, the Senate gutted the bill. This year, there are two versions of the bill in the House, and a committee chose to hear and pass the weaker one. Instead of requiring employers to grant requests like lighter duty or lactation breaks, it requires only that they respond to them — it specifies they don’t have to agree to them.

The bill does ban employers from retaliating against women who ask for accommodations.

Indianapolis Urban League advocacy director Mark A. Russell calls the bill well-intentioned, but not enough. He says women shouldn’t have to choose between their health and their job. Hoosier Action executive director Kate Pace notes while Indiana’s infant mortality rate is the best in state history, it’s the 11th-worst in the U-S.

Pace says 30 states already require pregnancy accommodations, and says most Indiana small businesses provide them already. But she says it needs to be in state law to standardize those protections.

The full House could vote on the bill next week.ill


  1. NO SPECIAL TREATMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they can’t keep up, FIRE THEM!!!!! According to GOD, married women and women with children are NOT to be in the work force anyhow!!!!!

  2. Actually David nowhere in the Bible does it say a woman shouldn’t work outside the house, only that her priorities should be with her family so I think your arguments flawed. I think you should study the Word before making statements that paint Christians as simple minded. Maybe you could point to the verse that says they should stay home if not i think you should be quite we love our wives/girlfriend’s/sisters/mothers

  3. Titus 2:5, KJV: “To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”
    Dude no part of that means stay at home. “keepers at home” means to keep the house in good order physically and spiritually not stay at home. Keepers isn’t a contraction of keep and her the verse literally means to “keep” the home. I really hope this helps your understanding of the word. Btw my wife stays home, because it works best for our family not because I make her.

    • There, again, you make a modernist twist of the Holy Scriptures. KEEPERS AT HOME — I can mean ONLY ONE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT not OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not to get involved in this latest conversation…the last things business needs is more government telling them how to do business.

    Most businesses value their employees and take reasonable care of them. When an employee’s issues become more of a net drain on a business than a value it is time to find another place to work. If I needed to climb a ladder for work and showed up with a permanent injury that would prevent me from doing so it’s not the businesses responsibility to buy me a lift so I can keep doing whatever it is I did up there.

    More cost to business means more cost to the consumer. Somebody is going to pay for that lift and it’s not going to be the business owner it’s going to be you. If the government mandates it and provides an incentive for compliance guess who will pay those taxes….you.

    We need less regulation in this economy, not more.


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