Indiana House votes to do away with gun licenses


The Indiana House has voted to do away with gun licenses. The plan to make Indiana a Constitutional Carry state passed on Monday on a largely party-line vote.

The proposal would allow law-abiding gun owners to carry a gun without first getting a license to carry from the state.

The Indiana State Police oppose the plan as among other things they say it will cost them $5-million-dollars a year.

The proposal now heads to the Indiana Senate, where it is expected to pass.


  1. Great! Just in time for President Sniffy to gut the #2A.

    I guess we can all carry two shot smooth bore revolvers now without a permit…

  2. I am against carry without training on when NOT TO DISPLAY OR USE A firearm. I teach that when ever you draw a weapon you are in for a world full of problems No good outcomes Without training and thinking ahead for secnarios folks without training are going to get hurt and hurt others illegally

  3. Training is a good thing, but not as a mandate. No training is needed for an Indiana permit currently. You don’t have to look very far to see states where the training is expensive and onerous and is intended to prevent people from exercising their #2A instead of being about safety.

    Voluntary training is an excellent idea, mandatory training is an abysmal one.

  4. Argue and “opinionize” all you want but any restrictions on the Second Amendment are illegal. Indiana is right to end any requirements regarding any firearm, period. The Amendment means what it proclaims or it does not.


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