Rep. Upton fires back after being censured by the Cass County GOP

("IA CEO & Rep. Fred Upton" by Internet Association, CC BY 2.0)

Long-serving Republican Congressman Fred Upton is at odds with the Cass County GOP over his vote to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the Education Committee.

The Cass County branch of the party has censured Representative Upton for his vote, stating that “her comments have not been out of line with anyone else’s comments.” In a Twitter thread Wednesday night, Upton responded…”Really?”…and listed several of Greene’s statements in the past.

Those include taunting a Parkland school shooting survivor, accusing Democrats of running a pedophile ring, California wildfires being sparked by a Jewish space laser, and questioning whether 9-11 actually happened.

Upton asked if the Cass County GOP really thinks someone like that represents Republican values, and said they were “right to remove her, period.”




  1. I am so pleased there is push-back to Fred Upton. I’ve been writing him explaining how upset I’ve been on not only his actions to Marjorie Taylor Greene, but I feel he’s gone mainstream and is doing nothing for the people of Michigan or the US. Rep Upton is another reason why we need term limits!

    He was just sitting in his kitchen sending out e-mails about someone who he knew or appreciated. Nothing about what he’s doing. And he keeps saying “wear your mask”. I challenged him to look beyond what the CDC is saying, and that we should have our choice to wear them or not.

    He never once responded to all of my messages sent to him.


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