Indiana State Police warning about Facebook “Child Safety Kit” scam


Indiana State Police are warning the public about a Facebook scam.

State Police in Fort Wayne recently received a complaint about an ongoing Facebook scam that offers a “Child Safety Kit.” The resident told officers that the link to receive the “Child Safety Kit” asks you to submit personal information such as your name, address and phone number.

Once this information is received, you will receive a phone call from the scammer, asking to come to your home to further the transaction.

The resident received two phone calls from two men asking to come to her home and load an app on her phone as part of the “Child Safety Kit.” She said they claimed to work directly with the Indiana State Police, which is not true.

State Police say to avoid getting scammed, never provide personal or financial information to an unknown source, never invite a stranger into your home and don’t be intimidated by a scammer’s forcefulness.


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