AG Rokita joins lawsuit against Biden environmental “overreach”

By US House of Reps ([1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has joined 11 other state Attorneys General in a lawsuit, suing President Biden over environmental reforms.

The lawsuit was filed Monday as a response to a large-scale environmental protection order issued by the president. The AGs claim the order would cost more than $9 trillion and create “an enormous expansion of federal regulatory power” that would intrude on the lives of Americans.

Rokita accuses Biden of “unprecedented” federal overreach since taking office.


  1. Keep up the good work don’t let this clown
    Biden destroy our country.
    The damage he has done will be put on our children for generations to come .

  2. pResident Sniffy WANTS to destroy American industry, his masters have directed him to do so in order to usher in the Great Reset. This is all being done by design.

  3. Dopey King Joe the Moronic needs to be sued every hour on the hour. Even sooner when possible.

    Go after him AG Rokita. Be relentless!


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