Michigan City Mayor apologizes for racial remark in voicemail message

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The mayor of Michigan City is apologizing for his comments in a phone message to a black pastor in the LaPorte County city.

Mayor Duane Parry (D) is being accused of racism after he made what many are calling racially insensitive comments during a phone message in which he thought he had already hung up the phone.

The mayor was recorded saying: “They want an (expletive) audience, ya know. These black guys, they all want a (expletive) audience all the time.”

“I am sorry,” Parry said in a short press conference outside city hall on Wednesday. “I realize that saying ‘I’m sorry’ is not enough. I ask for you forgiveness. But also, I ask for the opportunity to show that I am truly the mayor for all of the people in Michigan City.”

The apology did not go over well with many of the city’s African-American community. Churchgoers of the pastor to which Parry’s comments were made said after the press conference that they plan to “put as much pressure as possible” on the mayor to resign.

Parry is now facing a vote of no confidence from the Michigan City City Council. That vote is expected to take place at the council’s next meeting.

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Charles U Farley March 11, 2021 at 9:29 am

Further proof that the Democrats don’t really believe the positions they are peddling. To get elected, they promise special treatment to protected classes. I’ll wager Mayor Perry did the same.

I would also be quite interested in knowing what the demands were of the black pastor. Was it more preferential treatment for the black community?

If so, then BOTH of these people are wrong. You don’t achieve equality by running on or by demanding special perks based on skin color. That’s pretty much the exact opposite of equality!


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