New bottle return legislation passes the Michigan House

(Tommie Lee MNC)

The Michigan House has passed new legislation for the state’s bottle return fund.

Legislation is advancing that would compensate beverage companies to update their recycling equipment using unused recyclables deposit funds.

WSBT reports that it passed the House on Tuesday. Unredeemed money from the 10-cent per container rate is now divided between the state and the retailers that operate bottle returns.

The proposed legislation would offer distributors a half-cent per bottle tax credit for every container eligible for the bottle return. This would cost the state $20 million per year, according to the House Fiscal Agency.




  1. This gets the damn roads fixed!

    Where is this House Bill from our Legislature?

    We have good experienced people out of work in the road construction industry.
    Michigan was the lead state on roads.
    We do have a State Transportation
    Department sitting almost idle.
    Let’s make this happen now!

  2. The bottle return law has outlived its usefulness. At this point (as you can see from THIS legislation) it’s just another government boondoggle for no reason other than a revenue stream. Proof? Look at litter in states without bottle return laws … no bigger problem than Michigan today! The littering culture of years ago has changed

    • Indeed, all this hype about bottle returns but where is the outcry about single use plastic packaging (lunchables, yogurt containers, string cheese wrappers, cheese slice wrappers, etc)?


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