Rep. Walorski: President Biden “doing the opposite” of bipartisanship

(Photo Supplied/Rep. Jackie Walorski)

(Fox News) President Biden, in his first address to a joint session of Congress, Wednesday night, laid out his vision for America, through a slew of policy proposals and a legislative wish list, while vowing to work with both Republicans and Democrats to deliver on his agenda.

Biden delivered his address, which lasted just over an hour, from the House chamber Wednesday night, outlining proposals from continuing to address the coronavirus pandemic, to his jobs package, to universal preschool, healthcare, immigration reform, gun control, foreign policy and more.

“My fellow Americans, while the setting tonight is familiar, this gathering is just a little bit different. A reminder of the extraordinary times we’re in,” Biden said upon taking the podium.

Typically, there are approximately 1,600 people at a presidential address of this kind, but due to social distancing requirements amid the coronavirus pandemic, only approximately 200 guests were in attendance, including 80 House members and 60 senators.

U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind. District 2) released the following statement on President Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress:

“President Biden has made a habit of calling for bipartisanship and unity but doing just the opposite. Over the last 100 days, he and Speaker Pelosi have partnered to add trillions in government spending without Republican input while plotting massive tax hikes to pay for their progressive wish list.

“These actions have further divided the country, deepened our fiscal crisis, and put our economic recovery in jeopardy. Small businesses are struggling to hire workers because of enhanced unemployment benefits. Workers are bracing for job-killing taxes and regulations. Families are seeing rising prices at the gas pump and the grocery store.

“It’s time for the president to set aside partisan rhetoric and radical policies and begin working with Republicans to solve our nation’s many challenges.”


  1. Jackie Walorski is still pretending that President Potato isn’t intentionally tanking the system. His horrible decisions and idiotic economic policies are 100% intended to cause the predictable outcomes.

    It’s time for the GOP to stop playing nice about it, and start calling it out for what it is.

  2. The GOP needs to get some balls! They had their chance in 2020 and blew it sooooooo bad. Slapping all 80 million plus in the face. Stop whining and do something for once, how about opening a nice big can of whoop ass. They won’t. I am more then disappointed with the GOP! They always cave to the Demoncrats, makes one wonder if they aren’t in bed with them. Sure looks like it to the American people and Pence did not help the situation AT ALL. I have lost a faith in the GOP.


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