High school baseball in Indiana face an umpire shortage

(Source: https://goo.gl/hR7L6o, License: https://goo.gl/sZ7V7x)

As high school baseball gets into the swing of things, the latest bump in the road on the return to normal for high schoolers in Indiana is now an umpire shortage.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association says many of the 14-hundred or so high school umpires have opted out of this year’s baseball season because of the coronavirus.

That’s left teams scrambling. The IHSAA says many schools have had to cancel games.

Longtime ump Mike Mann says many young people simply don’t want to become baseball umpires. He says they’re not comfortable standing behind a catcher with 80-mile-per-hour fastballs coming in at them.


  1. the low pay, the length of games, the uncomfortable equipment in 90°+ temperature, and of course verbal abuse from coaches and spectators who obviously know the rules better than we do are all contributing factors. Additionally, the games start at a very inconvenient time for many of us who have “regular” jobs and umpire as a sideline


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