Study reveals college students’ take on COVID-19, buying habits


New research from SheerID reveals the impact COVID-19 has had on college students’ lives and buying behaviors—and how brands can best respond to win students’ business. While the vaccine rollout has made students hopeful about returning to their campuses this fall:

  • 85% of students said that COVID-19 will have a large or some effect on the Fall 2021 school term.

  • 71% of students said they would prioritize visiting family and friends once social distance restrictions are lifted

  • 67% of students stated they currently live off-campus or at home with family

  • 60% said they would take extra safety precautions heading back in the fall.

For marketers, students are still shopping and ready to buy:

  • 83% of students said that “free perks” (free shipping, free checked bags, etc.) are the most appealing student marketing offers

  • 82% of students said they would try a brand or product if received a student discount code

  • More than half of the students in the US said they spent more time online, 55.7%, shopping online, 55.4%, and as a result spent more money online, 50.5%.


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