Voters to decide on Elkhart schools referendum today


The polls are open for voters in the Elkhart Schools district, who will decide on Tuesday, May 4, whether or not a $120 million referendum will pass.

If approved, the referendum would provide $15.25 million per year for eight years to increase pay for all employees, reduce their out-of-pocket health insurance costs and continue to provide safe transportation for students at the current levels.

It’s an extra $119, each year, for the average homeowner.

The election is only for registered voters in the Elkhart School District only.

On Election Day, 15 vote centers located throughout the school district will be open from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m:

Bristol United Methodist – 201 S Division St., Bristol

Trinity (UMC) Church on Jackson – 2715 E Jackson St., Elkhart

FOP #52 – 1003 Industrial Parkway, Elkhart

St James AME Church – 122 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr., Elkhart

River of Life Community Church – 2626 Prairie St., Elkhart

AMBS (Lambright Center) – 3003 Benham Ave., Elkhart

Calvary UMC – 2222 W Indiana Ave., Elkhart

New Hope United Methodist – 28765 CR 4, Elkhart

Pierre Moran Park pavilion – 164 W Blaine Ave., Elkhart

North Side Gym – 300 Lawrence St., Elkhart

Osolo Township Fire Station – 24936 Buddy St., Elkhart

Jimtown High School Gym – 59021 CR 3, Elkhart

Granger Community Church – 2701 E Bristol St., Elkhart

Elkhart County Health Department – 608 Oakland Ave., Elkhart

Elkhart County Public Services Bldg. – 4230 Elkhart Road, Goshen


  1. You should really be more specific about the truth of the cost. Casually saying $119 / house is disingenuous. You should really be more specific about the true cost per assessed value. Sounds like you are pushing this. Hope Casey gets after you for this.

  2. Everyone has that relative that blows their rent money and then begs for help so they don’t end up on the street. Every time you help that person out, you reinforce the idea that they can keep doing what they are doing, even if it is wrong.

    The school administrators need the same treatment. They have plenty of budget, they just aren’t paying the bills instead of blowing their budget on stupid crap. It’s time to cut them off.


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