Michiana Crime Stoppers needs help finding suspect who cut off GPS band

(Photo supplied/Michiana Crime Stoppers)

Michiana Crime Stoppers needs the public’s help locating a man wanted by police.

Pablo D. Pedraza cut off his GPS band and is now charged with Escape and Probation Violation from his original felony charges.

Anybody with  information about where Pablo Pedraza is, is asked to contact Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP or 800-342-STOP.

Tipsters can also use the P3 App or head to our website: p3tips.com/203. All tips are completely anonymous.


  1. And they just keep letting the felons and insane walk among us. If you can’t be trusted to exercise the rights of a legal citizen you should not be allowed in society at alll. Lock them up or end them. If they can be released they should be allowed the rights of full citizens…or they shouldn’t have been released at all.

  2. The overwhelming majority have no idea what this guy looks like. Where is the photo Jon Zimney? How can the public help if they wouldn’t recognize him at McDonald’s or somewhere else? The news outlets are feckless these days. Or at least there is no photo on my screen accompanying this story.


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