Knox man found guilty for murder of 5-year-old boy

(Photo supplied)

Michael J. Tunstall, 27, of Knox, has been found guilty of battery, aggravated battery and the murder of 5-year-old Daniel Holdcraft Jr.

In April of 2020, police responded to a St. John Township home where Daniel, his mother and Tunstall lived. Daniel was found unresponsive.

Tunstall told police the boy simply woke up from a nap, vomiting, some time after his mother left for work.

He said he took the child to the bathtub where he became unresponsive, then called 911.

Police say Tunstall fatally beat the child’s head, body, and may have smothered him as well.

His sentencing hearing is set for June 16, and he faces a maximum penalty of more than 45 years in prison.


  1. The death penalty or nothing at all this murder need to be publicly hung for this let people see his body swaying to the wind as it blows maybe people will change their ways tears and prayers for the CHILD!!


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