Funnel clouds appeared in the sky as hot and cold air collided over Lake Michigan

(Photo/Kim Closson)

The skies were active Wednesday afternoon, and a lot of people reported seeing funnels over Michiana.

And while they made people who saw them a bit nervous, the cells that produced them dissipated without causing any trouble.

There were reports of funnel clouds spotted in LaPorte and St. Joseph Counties in Indiana Wednesday afternoon, and in Berrien and Cass Counties in Michigan.

But the National Weather Service said they were “cold air funnels” developing off Lake Michigan, storms that typically do not touch the ground or develop into tornadoes.

There were at least 3 tornadoes reported in Indiana, however, but they were further south near the Kentucky border.

Meteorologist Emily Kennedy from ABC 57 tweeted photos of one of the storms near Niles.




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