Beware of Amazon Prime Day scams

(Photo supplied/Amazon)

“Prime Day,” where Amazon Prime customers can score some good online deals on items, starts Monday and runs through Tuesday night.

However, the Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana is warning you that a day for special online deals is also a day where more scams pop up.

One of the most recent ones being reported is someone calling you and claiming they’re with Amazon, saying there is an issue with your account, and they ask for your credit card info and login details.

The BBB is also reminding you of phony online advertisements for deals that are even better than Amazon.

The website for the store or company might look real, but it’s fake. How can you point out a phony website? Make sure the URL and the business’s name is spelled correctly and look for legitimate contact information and a customer service phone number listed somewhere on the website. For example, instead of “,” the URL might say “”


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