Two people swept off the North Pier at Tiscornia Park in separate incidents

(Photo/Linda Closson)

For the 4th time this year, someone has drowned in the Michiana waters of Lake Michigan.

Seventeen people have drowned in the lake in total this year.

Officials with the St. Joseph Public Safety Department say two people were swept off the North Pier at Tiscornia park in St. Joseph on Thursday.

The first was a woman swept off the pier yesterday morning who was rescued by her husband using a floatation device.

About 90 minutes later an 80 year-old man went into the water while fishing. At the time there were five foot waves on the lake.

Several departments, including the Coast Guard, continue to search for the missing man. Thursday was a red flag day, meaning swimming was not advised due to a high risk of drowning. The same status was expected for Friday.


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