South Bend preparing for Best. Week. Ever.

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

It’s here! South Bend is celebrating its 2021 version of Best Week Ever.

Through August 7, South Bend will come together to celebrate the city, it’s culture and progress, and the creative spirit.

Monday and Tuesday in Downtown South Bend you can enjoy See SB, with special events and rates at museums, restaurants and retailers all over downtown.

The city’s West Side will celebrate the Best Wednesday Ever this week with free family and kids activities, music, vendors and more.

Thursday night the Best Baseball Game Ever at Four Winds Field will include a chance to win a ride in a hot air balloon.

And the Downtown South Bend Best First Friday Ever will have the best of everything downtown has to offer, including a Studebaker Car Show, Fireworks, a concert from The 1985 and more.

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  1. The “best week ever” is any week where you can avoid stepping foot in South Bend. Decades of deep blue mismanagement have made it a wonderful place to avoid…


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