Indiana is on a pace for record corn and soybean crops in 2021

Photo by Tommie Lee.

The US Department of Agriculture has released a new report that looks good for Indiana farmers.

The USDA National Ag Statistics Service is forecasting that Hoosier farmers are on pace for record yields of corn and soybeans, one of five states expecting to set new records.

The stats suggest the state’s farms will harvest an average of 194 bushels of corn per acre, an increase of 3.7 bushels over 2020. If the numbers hold up, Indiana will produce over a billion bushels of corn, the fifth highest of any state, according to Inside Indiana Business. The national projection is for 174 almost 15 billion bushels of corn.

Indiana is also expected to produce a record-setting 60 bushels of soybeans per acre, producing 341 million bushels. Nationwide soybeans are expected to be up by 5%.



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