Hundreds of IU Health employees suspended for not receiving COVID-19 vaccine


IU Health is suspending some workers because of their vaccination status.

The healthcare company has about 36,000 employees, and gave all of them a deadline of Sept. 1 to get vaccinated. On Thursday, IU Health announced 97 percent got the shot, and added that nearly 300 workers have been suspended for two weeks. They’ll be allowed to return once they provide proof they are partially or fully vaccinated.

In June, a federal court ruling allowed the right for private employers to require all of their employees to get the COVID vaccine.

Additionally, IU Health has announced that starting Monday, they will suspend all inpatient elective surgeries due to the rise in COVID hospitalizations.


  1. So we’re in the middle of one of the “biggest healthcare crises in history” and IU Health is firing a bunch of healthcare workers because they won’t get the experimental jab?

    Seems legit…

    It seems to me that if the vaxx was truly as wonderful as it is claimed to be, the people working in the healthcare industry would be lining up of their own volition to take the shot.


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