Parkview in Ft. Wayne reports 9 of 10 hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated

Indiana National Guardsmen, local law enforcement and civilian personnel, partner together to conduct COVID-19 testing throughout north east Indiana on April 27, 2020. (Photo by Cpl. Hannah Clifton)

One of the largest healthcare providers in Northern Indiana says 90% of their COVID hospitalizations are unvaccinated patients.

Parkview Health officials in Fort Wayne say they’ve discovered a significant increase in unvaccinated hospitalizations over the past several weeks. They tell WPTA that about one in five patients in the Parkview Emergency Department is COVID-positive, which is consistent with trends across the state.

There are also critical staff issues amidst a nationwide shortage of healthcare workers.


  1. Having had COVID both before and after being vaxxed, my personal experience is that the vax didn’t do a thing to lessen the severity or duration of COVID. The entire narrative would be a little suspect if they said 60% of the patients were unvaxxed, but claiming that 90% are unvaxxed simply does not ring true. The vax just didn’t have that big of an impact, and I can compare having COVID both ways.

  2. Why specify that fact they were not vaccinated? That is beyond me. Using “not being vaccinated” is a tool. We people are not tools, and should not be treated as such. Why not say “people hospitalized due to covid”? It makes it seem like the people who are not vaccinated are the issue. They are being treated as a target. Next thing on the news will say, ” robbery happened in Indiana, victims were not vaccinated” I mean come on.


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