Clay High School student arrested for battery against public safety official

Photo supplied / ABC-57 News

A student at Clay High School has been charged with intimidation, resisting and battery against a public safety official.

The student, Isaiah Smith, was facing suspension for having a THC vape pen. According to ABC-57 News, while walking with the officer the student headbutted the officer, got in his face before threatening him.

After a struggle ensued forcing the officer to use a taser. Though Smith continued to fight until more security officers arrived.

Smith was taking to the St. Joseph County Jail on a $500 bond.


  1. Just a suggestion. I remember being his age. Impulse control. Sudden fits of irrational anger. It seems that schools may wish to teach what causes bad impulses and how to control them. Count to ten etc. Also respect for authority and the consequences if you hit an adult This may be a more useful teaching than critical race theory and other topics less useful than math history, English, and civics

    • Or better yet, stop wasting tax dollars trying to teach kids who don’t want to be there, and use those resources to help the kids who actually have a shot in life. Kids like this one can get their GED in prison.


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