Walorski: Hoosiers are “angry and upset: about government spending

(Photo supplied/U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski)

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski has spent the last week back in her district in northern Indiana getting a feel from constituents on what their take is on the current administration in the White House.

Walorski, a Republican, described Hoosiers in the state’s second district as “angry and upset”, especially with the current situation with Democrats pushing for increased government spending.

Congress just approved a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill which Walorski voted against, but she told Tony Katz and the Morning News on WIBC that it may have gotten more GOP support had it not been attached to a social spending bill still being discussed.

“You know, we’re not having conversations about stand-alone issues,” she said. “If we actually put a bill together, that did what Hoosiers understand like fixing roads and fixing bridges together, those kinds of things.”

But, the social spending bill would create new spending for climate initiatives, pre-K, and what Walorski calls entitlement programs.

Democrats insist that spending on climate initiatives is needed. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the Glasgow climate conference of world leaders in Scotland last week that we have to “meet the moment” in fighting climate change.

Walorski said there has been bipartisan opposition to the legislation.

“What we saw already in our nation is Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and non-voters came together and said ‘we are tired of this, stop it!’,” Walorski continued.

She also indicated that many Republicans have sent a letter to the White House demanding more urgency in solving the supply chain issues that are driving inflation higher. Walorski even floated the idea of activating National Guard soldiers who have CDL licenses to drive trucks in order to move goods.

Walorski said they have not gotten a response from President Biden or Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.


    • You would be if you were paying attention.

      Unless you are one of the voters the Democrats are bribing with “free” stuff..

  1. When only 9% of the “infrastructure bill” actually goes to infrastructure, people will be upset. The only people who like being lied to are the ones who vote D.

    The White House cannot fix the supply chain issue. That was caused by Gruesome Newsome and the Commiefornia legislature. They passed a law aimed at Uber and Lyft that took all the independent owner/operator truckers off the road. They passed new stringent CARB laws that took trucks over 10 years old off the road and doubled the cost of new engines, taking all the small fleets off the road. They mandated that all drivers in California be union members, and that took a chunk of the big fleets off the road. All told, their idiotic leftist policies made over 50% of the truck drivers ineligible to haul in California. The containers are stacking up in the shipyards, there is no transport to haul them offsite. No amount of overtime for longshoremen, fines for shipping companies, or National Guard drivers is going to make up for it.

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