Safety concerns voiced as deer hunting season gets underway

For opening firearm season for deer in Indiana, nearly 300,000 people have licenses and may be out hunting. One of the best investments you can make for yourself is a safety harness, if you plan to be in a tree stand, says Brandon Butler, wildlife writer.

“If you fall 15 feet, and land awkwardly on a piece of metal or a limb, you’re gonna break your back,” said Butler, on Indiana Outdoors radio. “Why would you risk it?”

Butler said a safety harness has become a standard piece of safety equipment and should be for every hunter with a tree stand.

“You owe it to your friends and family. You owe it to yourself. There’s no reason not to.”

He said the advent of the hunter safety system has made it an easy process.

“All the vests, the way they can configure and fit now, you leave your attachment system in your tree so you just put your vest on like it’s another jacket,” he said. “They make ’em in blaze orange. It’s the best investment that you can have.”

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Charles U Farley November 15, 2021 at 9:24 am

What is the actual chance of this happening? If there are 300k hunters and we see only a few episodes of this every year, then it’s not very likely to happen.

If you’re more likely to get hurt in a car crash on your way to hunt, I think you can safely ignore the risk mitigated by their pricey harness system.


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