Concord Community Schools could go to mask-optional by December 1st

(Photo Supplied/Concord Community Schools)

Concord Community Schools may go to a mask-optional policy next month.

The district moved to a mask-only policy in September when Governor Holcomb issued an executive order stating that students and staff did not have to quarantine if school districts masked up.

That order still stands. However, a lot of questions are being asked, with Elkhart Community Schools moving to mask-optional.

The Elkhart Truth reports that a letter was sent out to parents stating the school district is continuing to comply with Holcomb’s order, but, the district could go to mask-optional on December 1st.

That is as long as the governor’s order allows it.


  1. Jimtown schools have been mask-optional the whole time and haven’t had any issues.

    The mask mandate is a joke, a con, a mind game, and some people just feel the need to fall for it.


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