Michigan expecting $10 billion from the massive federal infrastructure signing

(Photo/Kim Closson)

Michigan’s share of the more than $1.2 trillion in federal infrastructure spending is expected to be more than $10 billion.

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is expected to be signed by President Biden when legislators return from their recess. Governor Whitmer says more than $7 million is earmarked for roads, $563 million for bridge replacements and repairs, a billion for public transportation, and more than $100 million to improve internet connectivity across the state.

Another $1 billion is expected to work on projects that protect The Great Lakes themselves, and $1.3 billion would help fund the removal of lead water service lines, including those in Benton Harbor.


  1. Sound the trumpets for the Potato in the White House! He’s giving you a whopping 0.83% of the “infrastructure” bill! Never mind that your population of 10 million is on the hook for around 3% of the total.

    That’s like someone “giving” you $100 and you owe them $400. What a bargain!


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