Elkhart man accused of hurting two people with an ax

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Truth)

An Elkhart man is accused of hurting two people with an ax.

An officer went to a home on Markle Avenue, Monday night, on the report of a man armed with an ax.

The officer spoke with the male victim, who said he was the suspect’s roommate, and the victim’s girlfriend.

She told police she was sitting in her car in the driveway when she saw her boyfriend run out the front door followed by the 26-year-old Carlos Huizar, who had an ax in his hands.

She said Huizar swung the ax, hitting her car in the fender and driver’s side mirror, then swung the ax through the open driver’s side window and into the car, hitting her in the torso.

Huizar also hit the male victim with the ax, hitting him in the head and shoulder.

The victims were treated at the scene. Huizar was arrested for battery committed with a deadly weapon and taken to the Elkhart County Jail.


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