Chicago man arrested after allegedly firing gun on Indiana Toll Road

(Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC)

A man from Chicago was arrested after police say he fired a gun from the window of his vehicle while traveling on the Indiana Toll Road.

It happened around 3 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 22, at the 2.5 mile-marker.

The driver, Julio H. Miramontes, was traveling westbound while firing the gun. An Indiana State Police trooper pulled behind the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.

All the occupants were taken into custody and a 9mm Sig P365 was recovered.

Miramontes was taken to the Lake County Jail on preliminary charges of criminal recklessness with a handgun.

Two passengers that were in the vehicle were not charged and were released at the scene.

The toll road was closed for approximately three hours to complete the investigation.

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Charles U Farley January 22, 2022 at 10:44 am

Kudos to the writer for putting the type of gun in the article. The information is good, and I wish they would do it more often for car crashes also.

I would like a little more backstory though. Was he shooting at another car? Plugging a street sign? Returning fire? Was it random, or did he know someone?

Things like this don’t normally happen in a vacuum.

Dave January 22, 2022 at 6:06 pm

Nice pistol. In the hands if an idiot. Therein lies the dilemma.

Charles U Farley January 23, 2022 at 4:46 pm

The sad thing is, it will be destroyed. What a waste.

Seized firearms should be auctioned to legal gun owners, or put into a program that sells them cheap to law abiding citizens in dangerous areas after some training classes. The money from the sale could be used to fund the classes. This is a very good way to lower the crime rate in crappy blue areas, which is why the Dems would never allow it.

Thor January 23, 2022 at 6:44 am

Criminals will get their guns; adding a few hundred pounds of guns to a few tons of illegal drug shipments is no problem.

Gun laws only take guns from the law abiding and only ensure the criminals will have a monopoly. When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

Defend thyself citizen or just call yourself subject.


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