Sentence enhancement could mean more time in prison for Elkhart murder suspect

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A Middlebury man accused of killing a man in Elkhart could face decades more in prison on a sentence enhancement, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at The Elkhart Truth.

Darius Thomas, 27, is charged with murder in the February 2021 death of Shamar Barnes, 19, who was shot and killed in a parking lot across the street from a Marathon gas station on South Main Street.

Thomas was arrested in Memphis, Tennessee, several weeks later.

Prosecutors filed an amendment adding a firearm enhancement to the charge against Thomas. If convicted, he could face another 20 years in prison for using a gun in the crime, on top of a maximum of 65 years for murder.

Read more about the case from the original story published by The Elkhart Truth.


  1. Can we please just stop paying for three hots and a cot forever for career criminals that will never be useful members of society?


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