Low voter turnout, issue in primary elections

(Saige Driver/95.3 MNC)

Low voter turnout was a major issue in this years primary elections.

Only 10,500 ballots were cast out of one hundred 25,600 voters in Elkhart on Wednesday.

That’s a voter turnout of only 8.39 percent.

The Elkhart Truth reports that the previous low for a primary election was 15 percent.

Elkhart County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Chris Anderson, says that primary voting is usually low, but this is a record low in the last fifteen years.

You can go here for the original story from The Elkhart Truth.


  1. As I said earlier, the election fraud of 2020 has left a lot of people feeling disenfranchised. If your vote can be stolen, what’s the point of taking the time to do it?

    There is zero chance that Biden actually won that election legitimately… And we all know it.

  2. In the election for South Bend Mayor, James Mueller
    Was “assisted” by the Technology TeM at Notre Dame under the guidance of Pete Butegeig. The voting machines didn’t work correctly and the minority voters were cheated out of a fair election.
    Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook had visited Mayor Pete the year before and I believe they conspired to assure Mueller to follow in Pete’s path to office.
    Because there was no public outcry and Mueller was selected by Pete, the election was accepted. But, the people of South Bend know the election was rigged. Never forget Pete’s involvement in the Iowa Caucus fiasco. I don’t believe we have had a free in fair election in 20 years or more.
    Keep your eyes on the vote Iin 2022.


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